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Who is TreeCocoid ?

TreeCocoid is a specialist supplier of coconut sugar. We carefully select the finest ingredients from high-quality coconut trees, process them through carefully chosen farmers, and deliver the best products to you.Our high-quality products have been exported to several countries in Africa, Europe, and America. We are a reliable supplier and hold standard international organic certifications such as USDA and EU.
Managing our top-notch products is our internal control system called "ICS." Our team works continuously with local farmers to produce the highest standards of organic coconut sugar. But that's not all!
We also supply other coconut products, including coconut oil, desiccated coconut, coconut cream/milk, and coconut briquettes.

Why TreeCocoid?

What Makes TreeCocoid Different?

Indonesia is a country rich in tradition and culture. TreeCocoid produces products that meet international standards without eliminating traditional archaic. Coconut trees are planted in unspoiled highlands to maintain the purity of the raw material (sap). Our products are traditionally processed by farmers, from harvesting to cooking using a stove.
The TreeCocoid production process always leads to the preservation of nature and also the welfare of farmers. From nature, by nature, and for nature. This is in line with Indonesian values and traditions where humans and nature are partners who look after each other.

Our Product

TreeCocoid supplys product across the world

Premium Coconut Sugar


TreeCocoid supply coconut sugar for retail and bulk across the world from Indonesia. We supply organic and conventional coconut sugar in granule and syrup as well

Best Selling Products

Organic Coconut Sugar (Granule)

Sugar from coconut’s sap with granule form.

Organic Coconut Sugar (Block/Cup)

Sugar from coconut/palm Sugar with Block or Cup Form.

Organic Coconut Syrup

Made from the nectar of coconut blossom flowers

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Our Community

How we help our community?

TreeCocoid is committed to preserving the traditional production process, striving for the welfare of farmers and preserving the environment.

TreeCocoid takes an active role in reforestation as an effort to preserve the environment.

To improve the welfare of farmers, we also support training activities, procurement of farming equipment and health insurance.

TreeCocoid's Team

treecocoid team
Adif Pradicta

Everlasting struggle
to paint the world.
treecocoid team
Lanang Putro Raharjo
Stop wishing.
Start doing.
treecocoid team
Petrus Indra Oktano
Business Development
Push yourself
beyond the limit!
treecocoid team
Theodorus Argo Nugroho
Marketing Strategist
Stay Foolish,
Stay Hungry.
Let's improve our life together.
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Wang Jie (王杰)
Sales Representative (China)
Sow nothing, reap nothing.
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